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Yang Double Edge Sword

Then we will be as happy as a fish in crystal water~Cheng Man-ch'ing~

Our teacher, Tam C. Gibbs performing Snake Creeps Down Leg


Our teachers, Bataan and Jane Faigao pushing hands at their 1998 summer camp.

Bataan performing his sword and solo exercies

Bataan Memorial Slideshow


T'ai-chi Ch'uan is an enduring, effective and complete path to awareness and harmony of body, mind and spirit. The ancient Chinese discipline uses the slow movement to study complete relaxation, accuracy of position, balance, evenness of motion and correct breathing. For the body it is a martial art and a rejuvenating exercise which opens us so that internal energy or 'chi' can better circulate. For the mind, it is a study in deep, relaxed concentration. For the spirit, it is a system of meditation. It is said that whoever practices T'ai Chi over a period of time will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumber jack and the peace of mind of a sage.

T'ai Chi is the application of Taoist and Confucian principles concerning non-action, timing and balance applied to movement and includes Chi Gung exercises such as Animal Forms and Eight Ways, a variety of weapons, sparring and the form or solo exercise.

Shen Tao T'ai Chi Ch'uan


Chi Gung - Fridays 8:30-9:30 am

T'ai Chi Ch'uan - Tuesdays 8-9 am

at Dancing In The Desert Studio

Shen Tao T'ai Chi Ch'uan is offering beginning, advanced, and sensing hands classes. Chi Gung classes are held every Friday morning from 8:30-9:30am. T'ai Chi Form classes are held every Tuesday morning from 8-9 am. Private lessons, advanced, and sensing hands classes are by arrangement. Classes are taught by Cheng man ch'ing third generation students Michael and Sara Stenson

Lao Shr doing Brush Knee
Video Clip: Sara and Michael doing Swan Walk

T'ai Chi Exercises

T'ai Chi Form - The 37 postures of Cheng Man-ch'ing's Yang Style Short Form are taught for health, self-defense and meditation.

Chi Gung Animal Forms - Animal nature is to be genuine in every moment. Prehistoric Chinese imitating cranes, bears, deer, monkeys and tigers developed these predecessors to martial arts.

Chi Gung 8 Ways - To revive what is exhausted, to rejuvenate that which is in decline. Movements and principles designed to counteract the effects of aging and poor health, these gentle exercises work with relaxation & mindfulness to develop timing and balance.

T'ai Chi Sword - Once a practical weapon, the sword still has great value to study extending chi beyond the body.

Tui Shu - Releasing and receiving, Push Hands deepens understanding of the principle of softness developing agility, alertness, timing and balance.

Ta Lu - Adds agile steps to sparring as players work to the four corners using Pull, Split, Shoulder Strike and Elbow Strike.


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