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When you understand timing and balance you are standing on the threshold of wisdom. ~Confucius~

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Chi Gung for Fall Prevention


Explaination of how Chi Gung principles prevent falls

Step by step instructions on performing simple exercises

A ten minute practice routine

Research shows that T'ai Chi is the most effective way for seniors to reduce their risk of falling. As little as 15 weeks of practice lowers the risk of falling by almost 50%. Eight Ways classes and clinics teach a set of exercises developed specifically to counteract the effects of aging.

Fall Prevention and T'ai Chi Principles Fall Prevention Class Timing and balance. The presence of both is experienced as a graceful, light, stable bearing. Too often though, waning strength and balance disrupt timing leading to a fall. Most falls happen while changing direction because we spoil our balance by twisting our torso and knees. Falls also occur when poor posture puts our weight teetering forward on our toes or tottering backward on our heels. Missteps and obstacles also cause falls. Just the fear of falling prevents many seniors from being as active as they would like. All of these challenges can be handled gracefully by following T'ai Chi principles.

T'ai Chi Exercise: Standing On The Edge Of The Abyss

T'ai Chi is a centuries old Chinese art whose basis is the application of common sense to movement and alignment. T'ai Chi practice cultivates a keen sense of timing, balance, suppleness, strength and sensitivity through study of the slow, rhythmic exercises.

Eight Ways movements progress from simple to more complex, from arm motions to full body motions, from standing on both legs to progressively standing on one at a time, and finally, from individual movements to a continuous flow of motion. Animal Forms and Cheng Man-ch'ing's Eight Ways are the foundation of the work.

Eight Ways Fall Prevention classes teach seniors T'ai Chi principles with simple yet profound exercises aimed at improving timing and balance. The purpose of the exercises is to embody the principles so that they will become integrated into daily activities.

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